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  • BIRMINGHAM, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) – A group of Birmingham students are solving problems for seniors by providing thousands of dollars worth of hygiene products. “We were a little bit worried about it. We have never really done a hygiene drive before or seen something like this......

  • At the turn of the new year, area nonprofits and those they serve are facing a host of challenges: inflation, rising housing and utility costs, the lingering effects of COVID-19. The work ahead is daunting, but the nonprofit sector tends to attract optimists. Here, leaders......

  • What is a smile? A smile is many things. Anatomically, it is a facial expression that is the result of up to 43 muscles working together to shape one’s mouth and face. Emotionally, it’s a tool that allows people to express a range of feelings,......

  • Partnership continues with Pontiac’s Gary Burnstein Community Clinic When sign-up sheets become available for Student-Run Free Clinic at Pontiac’s Gary Burnstein Community Health Clinic, OUWB students fill all the volunteer slots in minutes. The reason is simple: for most medical students, it’s the very first......

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