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Grant Recipient Update – Gary Burnstein Clinic

Grant Recipient Update – Gary Burnstein Clinic


Impact100 Oakland County received an update from the Gary Burnstein Clinic, a 2022 grantee who used their award to support a Case Coordinator as the Health Management Coach for patients.

Meant initially to establish health plans for all new patients starting in January 2023, the Health Management Coach (HMC) shifted towards connecting patients to the necessary external services and coaching them on appointment scheduling, attendance and follow-up care. This was because patient referrals doubled for the clinic between applying and receiving their grant, and many of these new patients needed more urgent diagnostic tests and treatments that the clinic could not provide.

The HMC has tripled its original plan creation goal, providing 287 consulting sessions, referring numerous patients for advanced imaging and specialty services, and enrolling eligible individuals in free ongoing care programs.

HMC’s presence has made the process less intimidating by helping patients coordinate services and ensuring that tests and procedures are provided free of charge. This personalized support has significantly benefited patients who received necessary services and improved their healthcare experiences.

Through dedicated efforts, the HMC has also established relationships with charitable services at local hospitals and organizations, which increased the completion rates of vital tests, such as mammograms, and have facilitated the enrollment of eligible patients into subsidized care programs. Further, the patient debt relief offered by Mercy Care at Trinity Oakland has greatly alleviated financial stress, encouraging more patients to seek healthcare services.

The impact of the HMC’s work is evident in the stories of patients like Roberto and Carlos. Roberto, suffering from untreated diabetes and chronic pain, received a hip replacement at no cost through the HMC’s negotiation with a healthcare provider. Carlos’s life was potentially saved when the HMC facilitated an immediate hospital visit after an abnormal EKG test during a routine physical examination.

Because of Impact100 Oakland County’s award, the Gary Burnstein Clinic has provided critical healthcare support to a growing number of patients. The clinic plans to expand over the next five years by adding key staff positions and increasing volunteer support. By focusing on sustainability and fundraising efforts, the clinic aims to create a medical home for its patients and strengthen its services.


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