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Our Volunteer Needs

The Dr. Gary Burnstein Community Health Clinic is so successful and effective thanks to its impressive corps of volunteers – we could not have the same level of impact without each and every one.


If you are a physician, nurse, dentist, pharmacist, chiropractor, medical student, resident, event planner, administrative master, grant writer, fundraiser, or human with a good heart, we would be honored to have your expertise and your generosity!


Check out the tabs in this section to learn more about the ways to help keep our clinic running smoothly and beautifully.


Volunteering can pay off

Many of our pre-professional students find that their time at the clinic facilitates their application to their chosen professional programs.


Letters of recommendation

We will be happy to write a letter of recommendation after six (6) months of volunteering. This gives us time to get to know you and write the kind of letter that will make a difference in your application.


Not sure how you can help?

If you’re interesting in helping GBCHC by volunteering, please use the menu below to see what we’re currently in need of. Once you’re ready, please use the form to submit your application.

Medical Volunteers

We are always in need of nurses and doctors of any background.


Medical staff is needed three times a week, during our regularly scheduled medical clinic: Tuesday and Friday mornings from 9am-12pm, and Thursday night between 6pm and 9pm.


We carry our own malpractice insurance, and we do not bill. This means there is no pile of paperwork for you to get through. All we ask of our volunteer professionals it to help people get healthier.

Dental Volunteers

There is an enormous need for dental professionals in the Metro Detroit area


We can use dental volunteers any time, any day. Even those fortunate enough to have medical insurance often lack dental coverage. At the GBCHC, we are proud to address this issue by providing cleanings, fillings, and extractions for patients in need.


In 2017 we provided:

  • over 350 extractions,
  • over 450 fillings, and
  • over 300 cleanings
  • and over 1000 appointments.


We carry malpractice on all procedures done here at the clinic.

Pharmacy Volunteers

The Dr. Gary Burnstein Community Health Clinic has a dedicated on-site pharmacy, accessible to all of our patients. Pharmacists are needed during medical clinic hours to supervise the filling of prescriptions from our pharmacy for those prescriptions written during clinic, as well as the mentoring of future pharmacists.


Medical clinic hours are Tuesday and Friday, from 9am until 12pm, and Thursday evenings from 6pm to 9pm.

Future Professionals

Our clinic is a great environment to learn more about your future profession, in the medical, dental, or pharmaceutical field.  We always welcome more support in achieving our daily projects that help keep a free clinic running effectively and efficiently.  Pre-Professional volunteering opportunities at the Burnstein clinic are highly valuable and fiercely sought after.  On average we receive 10 applications for each person that we take on as a pre-professional volunteer.  It is an amazing opportunity and will profoundly impact your future.


Outside of clinical volunteering we are currently looking for help with the following projects:


  • Connect with resources for our food distribution day
  • Collect data from all free clinics in Michigan
  • Development of marketing campaign
  • Developing new grant opportunities
  • Research advertising options for non-profits
  • Help with promotion of social media presence


Volunteering can pay off:

Many of our pre-professional students find that their time at the clinic facilitates their application to their chosen professional programs.


Letter of recommendation

We will be happy to write a letter of recommendation after six (6) months of volunteering. This gives us time to get to know you and write the kind of letter that will make a difference in your application

Office and Administrative

At the GBCHC there is always something going on and friendly people of any background are always needed. We welcome help to achieve all the daily projects that keep a free clinic running.

Fundraising & Events

The GBCHC currently runs one big event each year – The Esteemed Women of Michigan luncheon, honoring women in Michigan who have worked to make appositive impact on the world around them.


These events require hours of hands-on assistance, with tasks including
(but not limited to):


  • Labeling envelopes
  • Stuffing mailers
  • Seating chart assistance
  • Soliciting sponsorship for the event/fundraising for the event
  • Name-tag creation
  • Data management
  • Silent Auction: assembling auction items
  • Gift bags – assembling materials, stuffing them, transporting to the event
  • Serving as hosts at the event
  • Helping with follow-up strategy – thank you’s and recognition profiles


If you are interested, please fill out the Contact Form on the sidebar of this page, and someone will reach out to you shortly.  Thank you for your generosity.

Project Opportunities

GBCHC has big goals and ideas… more than we can tackle, in fact.  Below is a list of areas we would like to explore but do not have the staff and capacity to manage.  If there is a project you are interested in or if you have skills that would benefit GBCHC, we would love to have your support in reaching our potential.  The list below is not comprehensive; if you would like to suggest a project, we’re all ears… 


We have opportunities for individuals with skills in:


Business administration

  • Public health
  • Social Science
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Graphic design; visual arts for business
  • Program design and implementation
  • Community action
  • Events
  • Statistics
  • Many others….


Research Opportunities

  • What does social science research reveal about group investment and penetrating difficult-to-reach communities?
  • How do different population segments respond to marketing  including what are the most effective and best/most effective practices?


Questions to answer

  • How can GBCHC better quantify our services and assign a value to them?
  • How can GBCHC quantify our social impact?
  • Needs analysis of the community: what clinics are in the area?  What services are not offered that would be most needed?
  • Can GBCHC access 340b pricing available to hospitals?
  • Can GBCHC be a drug disposal site?


Project Areas



  • Locate new grant opportunities for GBCHC
  • Investigate other non profit websites to learn about their donors


Resource compilation

  • Create an in-house referral system for services available in the community, compile local resources for patients and determine how to provide access to them via GBCHC
  • Follow up with GBCHC patients to find out if they were able to access those resources.


Donor Relations

  • Donor database management and program implementation: annual giving, donor level analysis, donor list evaluation (drop-off) and bench-marking
  • Investigate effective donor management programs used by other organizations
  • What donor recognition programs are successful and appropriate for GBCHC
  • Evaluation of GBCHC donor relations


Create Fundraising Programs

  • Alternative Christmas Gifts
  • Giving Tuesday
  • donations of products or services for auction at the annual event


Patient Relations

  •  Managing patients with low literacy skills
  • Can we improve?
  • Are there best practices?
  • What forms of communication work best for our patients?
  • Can GBCHC utilize text messaging
  • Capturing the patient experience through photos, video and testimonials
  • Determine how GBCHC can capitalize on the waiting room experience
  • Create an effective cancellation list/procedure for dental clinic
  • Locate pro-bono/free supplemental health services such as eye exams, glasses and x-rays
  • Add STI testing, radiology, and dermatology to GBCHC services



  • Create and maintain a community calendar of events
  • Create a list of labor groups for industries that might utilize GBCHC services


How can GBCHC improve community relations?  

  • Start a community advisory board
  • Are there labor/industry/professional groups GBCHC can partner with to offer services
  • Improve library partnerships



  • Create annual marketing  plan integrating different types of marketing
  • What are the best practices for marketing on a budget
  • Ensure that GBCHC is adequately represented on our partner’s website
  • Explore options for utilizing car advertising
  • Donated items for Dream Cruise, EWM, roadkill nights etc.


Clinic Programming Ideas

  • Walking group
  • Support group(s)
  • Art therapy/coloring contest?
  • Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Recycling program
  • Mindfulness workshop
  • Weight loss contest or program
  • Community events
  • Food distribution management


Community events

  • Family fair
  • Dream Cruise/Road kill event for GBCHC
    • Activities to participate in during these events (face-painting, animal balloons etc.)
  • Establish relations with MI Concourse for their events
  • Events in our parking lot
  • Men’s health fair
  • Online contests—what works, what can we replicate, volunteer contest social media friendly contests/challenges
  • Start recycling GBCHC
  • Kids’ coloring contest/ Adult coloring contest
  • OTC dispensary day
  • Therapy and mental health day  (to include massage, coloring, AAT, etc.)
  • Facebook live classes or videos
  • Place blessings boxes throughout the community, volunteers will manage and stock it


Physical projects

  • Storage cabinets along wall of procedure room
  • Multimedia set up in community room
  • Cleanable chairs for waiting room
    • Not plastic
    • Stackable
    • Non-wheeled

Volunteer Application

  • Your reference should not be related to you.

Community Feedback & Testimonials

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